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ACCEO Transphere is fully integrated with ACCEO’s management solutions

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Simplify the management of your supplier accounts
and optimize the payment of your invoices

Simplified supplier management

Simplified management of your suppliers

  • Your suppliers will manage their banking information, the ACP form and the email address used to send the payment notice in their ACCEO Transphere account.
  • Invite your suppliers to create an account. An email invitation will be sent through the platform. The supplier account will be validated automatically.
  • Track your invitations and supplier registrations.
Reduced costs associated with checks and bank transfers

Reduced costs associated with cheques and bank transfers

  • Eliminate cheques, reduce cheque processing costs, including postage and time.
  • Make your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments directly from your accounting system and not from a separate banking application.
Optimised payment of suppliers

Optimized payment of suppliers

  • Manage batch payments efficiently (payment submission, cancellation, approval)
  • Payment notifications are sent automatically by ACCEO Transphere
  • Approve payments to be made to your suppliers, anywhere, anytime, with the secure web portal

How do you pay a supplier with ACCEO Transphere?

The accounting clerk enters the invoices into the accounting system.

You select one or more invoices and you make the payment.

A payment file is produced by the accounting system and sent to the ACCEO Transphere platform.

An authorized manager submits the payment and ACCEO Transphere automatically sends a confirmation of the transaction to the supplier.

Cheques are expensive

Cheques are expensive

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