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ACCEO Transphere is fully integrated with ACCEO’s management solutions

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Simplify invoice sending and management of incoming payments

Envoi des factures en ligne et amélioration du flux de trésorerie

Electronic invoicing and improved cash management

  • Send your invoices by ACCEO Transphere instead of email.
  • Allow your customers to view their invoice on the web portal.
  • Track invoice receipt and opening by your customers.
  • Ensure effective tracking of unpaid invoices.
  • Reduce the time between issuing and sending invoices and receipt of the payment.
Association automatique des paiements reçus aux factures

Automatic link between payments received and related invoices

  • Automate received payment entries into your accounting system.
  • Avoid errors caused by manual entries.
  • Let your customers pay their invoice online, by credit card or funds transfer.
Réduction des coûts liés au traitement des chèques

Reduced cheque processing costs

  • Reduce manual operations and the costs related to reception and deposit of cheques
  • Simplify tracking unpaid invoices

How do you manage payment reception with ACCEO Transphere?

You generate an invoice from your accounting system.

The invoice is automatically sent to the ACCEO Transphere platform.

Your customer receives a message indicating that he has received an invoice and can view it in ACCEO Transphere with just a click.

Your customer selects one or more invoices and makes the payment.

You receive a confirmation of payment by email.

Funds are deposited in your bank account.

You enter incoming payments in your accounting system with a few simple clicks.

Accounting entries are created automatically in your software.

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